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Our experts will design a package and plan specific to your brand and goals. 

  • Custom template
  • Metrics dashboard
  • Social integrations
  • Custom API integrations
  • Customized registration
  • Event library
  • Enhanced event security
  • Dedicated support rep (phone, email, in-person)

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Common Questions

How am I billed?

Enterprise plans are based on an annual contract (with an optional 2 month innovation trial period). Customers are invoiced monthly (with credit card on file), quarterly, or annually depending on preference. Pre-payment discounts are available.

What do I need to broadcast?

There are 2 methods to broadcast Brandlive video: 1. Use a laptop and web camera without downloading any software. 2. Use a laptop or desktop computer and broadcast software that connects to your external cameras. With this option, you can connect multiple cameras, audio and pre-recorded video sources.

Do you offer event planning/marketing?

In addition to our support materials, we offer extended services for planning, executing, and promoting your events. We can create a custom package specific to your needs.

Can I use Brandlive for just a one-time event?

Yes, we do offer one-time event contracts. Plans are based on total audience size and professional services required to execute. Contact us today to learn more.

Where do you host data?

You own your content, but it is hosted in the cloud on our servers. You can access your content 24 hours a day through our admin dashboard. You will not need your IT department to start using Brandlive - everything is turn-key and scalable from the moment you sign up.

Does our Brandlive page live on our website?

The web-based Brandlive platform lives in the cloud, but your company's Brandlive experience can appear to live on your website, your Facebook page, or on partner websites.