Authentic Product Stories told on Interactive Platform creates Deeper Engagement

The current digital/mobile/social consumer environment creates a challenge for consumer product brands and retailers to achieve focused consumer attention when they launch new products and work to maintain sales momentum.

This White Paper describes how some pioneering brands and retailers are using a combination of live video + social + eCommerce on a single Web page to cut through the noise and create focused consumer attention.

What you will learn by reading this White Paper:

  • Why the combination of live video + social + eCommerce on a single web page helps to bridge the gap between physical products and digital audiences.
  • How brand and product storytelling is enhanced by the authenticity of live interactive video.
  • How live interactive broadcasts create an emotional connection with consumers that is not available through any other digital marketing channel.
  • Why adding social interaction during live video events creates a more compelling experience for the audience.
  • The various ways that live interactive video can drive conversions related to eCommerce, product feedback and knowledge transfer.

Additional Content:

  • 4 quick case studies
  • Statistics related to live interactive video
  • Some really pithy quotes from marketing thought-leaders